Welcome to Aviation Museum Denmark

Welcome to Aviation Museum Denmark to be located at Værløse Airbase (Flystation Værløse) north of Copenhagen. The forthcoming museum and this site is run by the Danish Society for Denmark's Historical Aviation Museum, Værløse Denmark.


This site wil be built progressively, starting by envisioning what Aviation Museum will become, with the participation of members and partners working together to create Denmark's national Aviation Museum. During 2015 we will be adding details concerning the vision for the museum, the Airbase Værløse of which it is a part as well as the forthcoming collection of historical aircraft. 

Donations and Sponsorships

You can help us by making a donation. All donations will help us immensely in financing the hard work required to bring the museum into being. We are also interested in sponsorships with companies and organisations. Anyone or organisation interested in donating to and sponsoring Aviation Museum Denmark is requested to contact us using the contact form.




This site is the property of the Danish Foreningen Danmarks Flyvehistoriske Museum, Værløse. Formand: Finn René Jørgensen.


The site is being constructed by Writer-Architect-Historian Mark Dyson including many of the photographs from his archives. This site is under construction and was first set up in June 2015.